Call for Abstracts & Papers

Call for Abstracts and Papers

The CoMS 2020 Organising Committee is calling for short abstracts and papers to be published in the Programme and Abstracts Book (short abstracts only) and in the Conference Proceedings (Full Papers). You will find more information below.

Short Abstracts

You can submit a short abstract (late-breaking abstracts are still being accepted) only, without the Full Paper. Please note that this abstract, if accepted, will serve to help form the program of oral and poster presentations and will be published only in the Programme and Abstracts Book, distributed at the Conference.

In this case, make sure you select the “No, I will be submitting a Short Abstract only.” option in the second, Submission Contents step of the process.

Click here to submit

Full Papers

You can choose, and it is encouraged to, submit a Full Paper along with your short abstract. Please note that this Full Paper, if accepted, will be published in the book of Conference Proceedings.

Submission of Full Papers is now possible! Please revisit the submission interface to edit your short abstract submission and add the full paper to it.

Edit the Short Abstract to add Full Paper (sign-in required)

If you’ve not submitted a short abstract before, you can submit a completely new work as an abstract & full paper.

Submit a new work

Please make sure that if submitting a Full Paper, during the step two – Submission Contents – of the process, you choose the option “Yes, I wish to submit a Full Paper.” and upload the DOCX file as well as enter the Abstract, Title, and Keywords into the online form.

The template for producing your Full Paper is already available. You can download it via this link: CoMS2020_FullPaper_Template_and_Instructions.