Confiva Platform

Confiva Platform

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ACCESSING THE EVENT via the Confiva online platform

Participants will receive a link to access the conference, which will take place via the Confiva platform, one day before the event on the e-mail which you used for your application to the event.

Useful information:

  • We recommend using Google Chrome to access the Confiva platform. The platform also supports the use of other browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer.
  • All participants will receive a link with access to the personal e-mail address you provided when registering. In case you can’t find the message, please also check the SPAM folder and the PROMOTIONS folder in your mailbox.
  • The link you recieve is unique and tied to your e-mail address. Viewing is protected and you can only watch the event on one device at a time. If you share the link with other people, you will not be able to access and attend the event yourself.
  • If you use a VPN service to access the Internet, we recommend that you turn off the service before accessing the platform, or that you access the platform through another network that does not use the VPN service.
  • In case of problems accessing the Confiva platform, you can contact us for technical assistance via e-mail address .

We kindly ask you to check the connection as soon as you receive the invitation. If you cannot find the invitation, please contact the e-mail address given above.