Conference Gift for CoMS 2020/21

Dear CoMS conference participant we sent you a gift – a pencil holder requiring self-assembly, made from wool felt. Three models were designed; each assembles in a different manner. The gift, sent as a two dimensional flat form, needs to be assembled into three-dimensional object with a few simple folds that are presented in the video.  Please select the appropriate video for your model and see the assembly instructions.

One side of the felt is printed with the pigment from the Sitarjevec mine and the other is blank with the logo of the conference. The textile print was designed on the basis of a visual motif from the mine – dried mine mud with a cracked texture. Assemble your pencil holder with either the printed or blank side on the outside of the product.

We appreciate your opinion:

Research on the pigment from the Sitarjevec mine, the development of a product, and the design of the textile patterns inspired by the mine are part of a project entitled ‘Scientific and artistic innovation in the development of products for tourists at the Sitarjevec mine’. This research work is being carried out at the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute in Ljubljana in cooperation with The Litia Spinnery (until March 2022).

Project No. C3330-19-952043 “Raziskovalci-2.1-ZAG-952043” was granted by Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Republic of Slovenia. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the European Regional Development Fund.


For instructional YouTube videos on how to assemble your gift, please click the photos below.